Understanding the Role of A Melbourne Accountant

In layman’s language, Melbourne accountant are professionals who keep track of a company’s money. They maintain records and generate reports which are useful for top management, managers as well as the people outside the company who read their reports. A manager looks at the Melbourne accountant reports to understand how well or bad their company is doing.

Governments need these reports to estimate how productive is a company for country, and how much tax a company should pay. Some people read the reports generated by a Melbourne accountant to decide if it is worthwhile to do business with the company. Bankers and financial institutions use them to decide if they want to lend money to the company or not.

Most Melbourne accountants have a specialty. There are four main kinds of Melbourne accountant accountants – Public accountants, Government accountants, internal auditors, and Management accountants.

Public Melbourne Accountant

A Public accountant works for public accounting companies. They do accounting, consulting work, and tax auditing. Some have their own businesses. They do different kinds of accounting for people outside the company.

Management Melbourne Accountant

Management accountants do accounting and financial work for companies they work for. They keep track of the money spent and made by the company.

Internal Auditors 

Internal auditors do a scanning work to make sure that a company’s accounting records are right. They keep checking the records to see that no one in the company is doing a wrong deed. They also check that no one in the company is wasting the company’s money.

Government Accountants 

A government Melbourne accountant works in the public sector, who maintains and examine the records of government agencies and audit private businesses and individuals whose activities are subject to government regulation and/or taxation.


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