Hiring a Melbourne Accountant: Do Students Need One?

Not all people who need a Melbourne accountant are employers or employees. Even students could find some benefits from hiring the service of a Melbourne accountant. If you are a student in the country but also work a part time job, you are subject to paying income tax. In Australia, as a legal worker, it is your duty to pay and declare your taxes. You will be working with an Australian Business Number indicating that you are self employed.

You can also work under the tax file number which means that your boss withholds a percentage of your salary to pay your taxes. In this case, you can then ask for a document called a tax return. Basically, it is at the end of each financial year that lodgements of tax returns are done. If you need to leave the country and would like a copy of your documents, you can apply for tax refunds anytime. Call a Melbourne accountant for any help regarding the matter. A small accounting firm in Melbourne will help you work this out.

Are you considering hiring a small accounting firm Melbourne now that tax season is fast approaching? People are scrambling around this time and most of us from Melbourne are beginning to seriously think about hiring a Melbourne accountant. An accountant helps you in figuring out how much we owe the government based on your financial status. For instance, you are considered a non-resident for the purposes of tax if you have been in the country for less than six months. On the other hand for the purposes of tax, you are considered a resident of Australia if you have been living in one place and working in one job for most of the time you have been studying in Australia for 6 months, for instance.

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