Function of a Melbourne Accountant In Your Business

A Melbourne accountant is the person responsible for managing and controlling the financials of a company.
A number of positions and opportunities open to accountants:

Chief Financial Officer

A CFO holds a position with great deal of responsibility to keep an organisation financially healthy. This involves analysing the financials of the company and working out strategies for success. He keeps the activities of company on the right track by raising alarm wherever it deviates.

Forensic Accountant

A forensic Melbourne accountant can be termed as a detective of the finance world. They track and analyse data to search out missing funds, identify frauds, trace illegal business activities, like e-commerce scams, or funding for terrorism. It’s an exciting field to work in, and is very challenging.

Environmental Accountant

An environmental Melbourne accountant does his work by taking a green approach to making money. That is, they find ways to ensure a company is both environmentally responsible and profitable.

International Accounting Specialist

An international accounting specialist keeps a broad view of international business of the company.

Accounting Risk analyst

A risk analyst keeps a track of unique opportunities, competition and market dangers in the industry and world, for his organisation. His job is to identify any strategic and operational risks and suggest a solution for the company to how to face it. He must have strong analytical skills and the ability to perform under pressure.

Strategic Procurement Manager

A strategic procurement manager is a person who is the mastermind behind deals in an organisation. They perform extensive market researches to identify supplier best practice and capabilities, develop evaluation plans and look after complex contracts.

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