Crucial Accounting Advice You Don’t Want To Ignore

From day one, or even before the start your operations, it is important to get your accounting act in order with the help of your Melbourne accountant. A lot of people seem to think that they only need accountants during tax season, but if you are really keen on growing your business you will want to tap into the expertise of a seasoned Melbourne accountant all year round.

Here are some advices you want to keep in mind when running your business:

Start Right

A lot of small businesses skip crucial steps when starting a business. One of which is securing city and state government registration and licenses, which of course could spell trouble somewhere down the line.

It is generally best to hire an accountant for planning and consulting purposes at the start of your business as this can save you time and trouble later on. Another critical area that is often overlooked is tax planning, which your Melbourne accountant can help you with. It is important to understand the tax implications of your business structure, as this decision will inadvertently affect you and your finances in the long run.


At the start of your business, it is critically important that all business related transactions are duly recorded. It is generally best to work with a bookkeeper Melbourne who is adept in Quickbooks, Xero or any popular software.

Your bookkeeper will no doubt advice you to open a separate bank and credit card account for your business, as it makes bookkeeping supremely easier.

Common Pitfalls

Tax considerations are best handled when it is planned and set up from day one. A lot of business owners become overly aggressive in claiming tax deductions, which often draws suspicions and sometimes even invite an audit.

In choosing to work with a Melbourne accountant, you can focus more on running and growing your business and enjoy better peace of mind knowing your accounts and finances are in order and you are in better control of your cash flow.

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