Create a Trust Legacy with the Right Melbourne Accounting Firm

Have you been trying to find a Melbourne Accounting Firm and a Melbourne Accountant who is able to create a legacy trust for your family and for yourself? You came to the right place.  The right accountant in Melbourne is able to help you:

  • Evaluate specialists of asset management to accomplish specific objectives of your portfolio
  • Implement all your intentions that are charitable such as another charitable vehicle, a charitable trust or in the creation of a private foundation
  • Make recommendations of investment and work along with you to create the portfolio of your trust. Your Melbourne accountant is also able to monitor and rebalance your trust portfolio regularly in order to get it back in balance, reflecting your changing needs and the evolving conditions of the market.
  • Take the responsibility for managing assets not related to finance including mineral, gas, oil, real estate or closely held business rights.
  • Oversee the trust transaction, distribution and administration.

Peace of Mind with Your Melbourne Accountant

When you are looking to hire a Melbourne accountant in order to create a legacy trust for the things that matter to you and to fulfill your wishes, this is something a Melbourne Accounting Firm such as ours can help you with. Over time, assets held in trust may even increase even as each beneficiary receives distributions on a regular basis. A trust that you leave behind has the advantage of helping you to eliminate or reduce generation-skipping, estate, state and gift transfer taxes on each asset you plan to pass on to generations in the future. A trust can be designed by you to hold different types of assets including:

  • Marketable securities
  • Closely held interests of business
  • Mineral, gas and oil interests
  • Real estate

Understand that a legacy trust is irrevocable and once it has been established with the help of your Melbourne Accounting firm, it permanently belongs to the beneficiaries.

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