Tax Tips for Tradies

Remember when doing your tax used to be a real hassle? Thankfully it’s becoming easier every year. And there are some pretty good tax deductions available for tradies, even when you’re working for wages. You just need to keep good records.

Nobel Thomas work with tradies, particularly in tax compliance. Here are some valuable tax tips for tradies:

If you need to get yourself and your tools of trade from worksite to worksite, your motor vehicle expenses are deductible. Keep a log book, or get an app to take care of all your vehicle record keeping hassles.

If you work outdoors, the cost of sun-safe protective eyewear is claimable, as is sunblock and a hat.

Save your receipts as a picture on your phone, or Google drive, or in Dropbox. Say goodbye to paper receipts forever.

ny tools under $300 are immediately deductible in the year they are purchased. But you must have receipts. Make sure the guys at your tool shop email your receipt to you, to save the hassle of saving paper receipts.

Any safety equipment like boots, hearing protection or gloves, these are all legitimate expenses you can claim.

The cost of your uniform or protective clothing is also deductible, as are the laundry costs. Once again, just keep a good record.


If you’re making plenty of work related phone calls as most of us do, your phone is another expense you can claim. Get your phone company to email you the bill.

So remember, get yourself well organised in advance and take the hassle out of tax-time. It’s really not that hard. Contact Nobel Thomas today for a consultation.




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