How Tradies Can Stand Out

There are misconceptions that Tradespeople are not giving excellent quality service. So much so that they are seeking advice on how to operate their business.

It is a must in a competitive business to establish your own identity or trademark as a tradesperson. You have to give extra effort to delight your customers/clients.

Licenses. This varies from state by state, type and size of the job and the structure of the business. You can seek assistance from your states licensing body or you can visit their website to get all the information that you need.

Become the local “go-to”. Since it is not possible for your business to be anyone and anywhere, you can choose your key market areas and from there put all your efforts in advertising budget. Try to get in touch with the neighborhood and established camaraderie.

First Impressions Count. Always be prepared for any eventuality and always look and act your best so people will be impress and remember you.

Get Insured. Because of so many risk exposures, you have to be protected. Get an insurance broker who specializes in trade insurance to help you in your needs.

Invest in A Website. Do you have a website? Your on-line presence is necessary and an advantage as most people now are using the net. Here you can advertise your products and services.

Find a good Accountant (suggest Melbourne Accountant) to assist you in your tax obligation, superannuation and business and tax structure for your kind of business.

Track and Measure Success. Evaluate and assess, find out what is working and not, ask for feedbacks.

Protection in the T&C’s. You have to put into writing in acceptable terms and conditions your detailed quotations and scope of services and payment terms to avoid misunderstanding and future problems.

Referrals are rewarding. By giving your best service, happy and contented customers will give you referrals.


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