How to get the best ATO tax refund you can

We asked five veteran tax accountants for simple ways to get a better tax refund. Here are their top tips that almost any Australian can use!

1. Claim all the tax deductions you are allowed to claim

The easiest way to increase your tax refund: claim a deduction for every expense you are legally entitled to.

Do you ever pay for things that are work related? If so, make sure you keep the receipt and/or a diary to document when or where you made the purchase. A diary can also make it easy to help remember what project or job the purchase related to. Even if you aren’t sure whether you can claim an item, keep your receipt anyway – your Etax Accountant can let you know if you’ve claimed everything correctly.

Tax deductions are the single easiest way to improve your tax refund but it’s important to remember: you can only claim items that you have receipts for, are related to your work and that your employer hasn’t already reimbursed you for.

‘Made-up claims’ or ‘generous guesses’ can lead to ATO reassessments, audits and even tax bills arriving from the ATO. There are honest ways to increase your tax refund and that’s what your tax agent will help you with.

2. Keep good records and save receipts

At tax time, Australians spend countless hours tracking down receipts for purchases they made over the past 12 months. Those people wasted hours of time – and probably missed out on hundreds or even thousands of dollars in their tax refund because they lost or forgot about receipts!

If that sounds like you… you might be missing out on deductions that can boost your tax refund.

3. Sweat the small stuff to boost your tax refund!

A $20 donation to charity or a $10 textbook might not seem like much at the time, but each of these small purchases across 12 months can add up to hundreds of dollars. And all the amounts you claim as deductions can improve your tax refund!

Get organised with your receipts for small purchases during the year and it’ll pay off in the long run.

4. Use a tax agent service like

74% of Australians lodge their tax return via a tax agent.

A tax agent is someone working on your side to help increase your tax refund and help you avoid ATO trouble.

Tax agents are here to help you. (On the other hand, the ATO’s main job is to collect taxes, not to boost your tax refund.)

Tax agents are not all the same. Some of the biggest and most popular tax agent companies leave your tax return to be entered and prepared by someone who may not even be a tax agent, but more like a data entry worker..

5. Learn more about tax deductions to boost your tax refund

Our tax agents at Melbourne Accountant will help you spot any deduction you might be missing, and our team help make sure you’ve got it covered.

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