Questions to ask Your Melbourne Accountant

Deciding on getting the Services of an Accountant is not an easy task that is why you will have to satisfy your questions before signing a contract with them. You may ask what accountants can do for you. What are their field of specialization? Services they can offer, do they respond to our calls and emails on time? Can we understand their language/jargon or can they explain to us in layman’s term what we need to know/learn? Have they handled similar situations that we have and what was the outcome?

How much will they collect for a specific service? Will it be paid outright or upon signing the contract or after the services has been delivered?

Are they registered? You can check this at online TAX and BAS agent register.

Are they qualified? Are they members or affiliated with a professional association. (if they are a member, this is an advantage so that in times of failure to deliver, we can complain to the association as they may have rules and guidelines for their members).

Good Accountants can help you grow your money. The varied expertise of our Melbourne Accountant in  different fields will surely help us with our different needs. They can help us with our TAX Returns, can  give us advice on specific tax situation and can help us with investment issues as they have Australian

Financial Services License

We will also need our Melbourne Accountant for business purposes because there are specific laws about the records that businesses needs to keep. To give you peace of mind during times that you will need the services of an accountant, feel free to contact the office of the Melbourne Accountant who will gladly enlighten you on your specific issues.

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