Selling a Business in Melbourne

Melbourne is a great city for doing business in Australia. The market is huge, the economy strong, and infrastructures are comparable to the world’s best. However, there are things you can’t shake off that probably made you decide to finally sell your business. Whatever those reasons are, selling a business can take a lot of time and effort even in a thriving city such as Melbourne. But you already know that, don’t you?

What you don’t know, perhaps, is how you can make this venture more manageable and eventually yield greater profits from the sale. To do that, it’s always a good move to seek the help of these professionals – an appraiser, a broker, an attorney and an accountant.

An appraiser can help you determine the value of your business which you can present in detail to potential buyers. It will give credibility to your asking price, provided of course you are selling within such range. As for broker, you may not need one if you wish to sell directly to someone you know but if you want to save time hunting and dealing with buyers and possibly fetch a higher price for your business, better leave it to experienced brokers.

You can’t afford not having a Melbourne accountant or a small accounting firm in Melbourne at your side in this endeavour. These experts can help you breeze through the gruelling processes involved in selling your company so you can spend your time managing the business well to make it more attractive for buyers. If your reason for selling is because it is not profitable, you will have a hard time convincing buyers so you will need time to work on the other attributes of your business such as large customer base and major contracts.

A good Melbourne accountant will not only help you prepare and review your tax returns and other financial documents, they can also help you evaluate the terms of the sale and even give advice on how to manage your profit. Find a small accounting firm in Melbourne that can provide a range of service for reasonable fees. Lastly, your accountant can guide you through the details of the sale but it won’t hurt to enlist the help of an attorney, too, to review the contract.

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